That Guy In The Corner

Hey there, I'm the one with a nickname that's clearly too long...
I do silly things with video games, sometimes making movies and other times just abusing the game engine.

[Insert meme reference here]


I'm the other half of Swanky from Sweden.
Mainly work with web development but also am an amateur musician, animator and graphics designer.

Also used to be a lumberjack.

More about Swanky Badger
"Makers of neat stuff for the Internet!"

Swanky Badger Films was created in 2010 by Two guys (nerds) who had a shared interest in the Source Engine, games and animations.
Swanky Badger Films was rebranded to Swanky Badger (live) in spring of 2020 and is now more focused on live streaming.

Have a look at our old website from 2016 - 2018 here
This sucker was mostly built with tables, shake with fear web designers!
(We also had to perform wizardry to take this screenshot from WayBack Machine.)

We started messing around in Garry's Mod and when things did not crash or bug out horribly, a machinima was made.

Later as Source Filmmaker became available for both of us. It quickly became the main animation software of choice.
Remember that Source Filmmaker was very different in 2011/2012. Compared to what it has become in recent years and the vast resouces that now are available thanks to many other talanted people.

Other software like Flash and 3ds Max have also been used but not as prominently as Source Filmmaker, thanks to its Workshop and moderate convenience in workflow.

We've also dabbeled in making simple browser games like 'C'mere cupcakes' and 'Fort Dudes' in Flash.
They were available on our old website. These are now mostly lost to time and also obsolesense by todays standards.

But as of the rebrand in 2020, we are also exploring browser based game development (HTML5).

In final. Thank you everybody that has stuck with us over the years and gave us a warm welcome back in our 2020 return.

We wish you well!
Sincerely, from us at Swanky Badger
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