We hope the information on this page will sort you out!

This section contains help and useful information on how to use and contribute to our Lysdexicon.
  • Basic requirements

    1. Your entry must be "Swanky" related. So anything said by Us at Swanky, seen on our Twitch channel or written by Us or others in the Swanky Discord counts as related.

    2. Be descriptive. We are not a real Wiki, but appreciate details and a good writeup.

    3. We do NOT allow ANY pornographic thumbnails.

    4. Do NOT post any racist, illegal or harmful content.
  • Markdown

    To use our markdown helper some text must first be selected in the textarea.
    We recommend that you use the style buttons for styling text to prevent incorrect markdown.

    Please note that our markdown does NOT support more than a single style per text selection.
  • Button icons

    • (Bold)
      Raw markdown: [b]To bold]
      Final result: To bold

    • (Underline)
      Raw markdown: [u]To underline]
      Final result: To underline

    • (Italic)
      Raw markdown: [i]To italic]
      Final result: To italic

  • Error messages

    Here are some common error messages that you may encounter.

    • Timeout: This is usually seen when the provided thumbnail image is too large and the server will reject processing it.

      Solution: Please provide a thumbnail under 2MB and resolution under 512 x 512 when possible. Please note that images are not required to be 4:3 (square).

  • Copyright and source material

    We require that all media and external sources are credited. Failing to provide these requirements (when needed) will end up with your entry being rejected.

    Please notify Staff if you think that a Lysdexicon contribution is not properly credited or is breaking our Guidelines.
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