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    Collected/stored data: Twitter ID, Client IP address.


    This Site compares client IP address and unique Cookie ID on your device recieved from a successfull login with the Twitter service. No other data than listed is stored or collected on our Site.

  • Also see "Connect Twitter account" below.
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Connect Twitter account
The following will explain in detail what we do with your Twitter data when linking it or logging back in with the Site.
  • Data we require and store on first connect

    • Twitter ID - Needed for security and unique account identifier.
    • Twitter display name - Your, this is needed to link back to your Twitter account from entries added to the Sites Lysdexicon.
      This data is public and will be available to all who visit the site to see.
    • Twitter Avatar - Your Twitter avatar will be saved to the Site allowing it to be shown in the user menu at the top of the Site.
  • Data we validate on login

    • Twitter ID - Used for account validation.
  • Other data details

    The Site does NOT request or store any other data from your Twitter account than what is listed above. The Site does not pass any sensitive data on to a third party.


    The site will NOT store or use your:

    • Twitter account direct messages
    • Twitter account timeline
    • Twitter account real name
    • Twitter account location
    • Twitter account phone number
    • Twitter account email address
    • Twitter account age
    • Twitter account followers
    • Twitter account following
Lysdexicon guidelines
Read our Lysdexicon guidelines before contributing.
  • Please go here for more details.
Twitch Chat Rules
Dos and don'ts of chat.
In this section "streamer/streamers" will be refered to as "Us/We".
  • Dos

  1. Be considerate to other members in chat and to Us.
  2. Listen to Us and moderators if being addressed.
  • Don'ts

  1. Do not spam the chat with emotes, commands, links or walls of text.
  2. Do not post links to pornographic content or to content that may promote any illegal activity.
  3. Do not post any racist comments.
  4. Do not start or partake in flame wars that may occur.
  5. Do not self advertise. Exceptions can be made, but ask Us or a moderator first. (Artwork related to the stream is one exception as an example.)
  6. Complain that We did not perform an action or actions requested by spending "Swanky Points" earned on Twitch.
    We always reserve the choice to honor any request.
  7. Please do not force yourself to donate any money, for attention or other.
  8. Complain that We did not shower you with praise or thank you instantly for donating bits or subscribing. It is always very much appreciated when users donate bits or subscribe as it does help pay for various streaming expenses that occur.
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